The FLiiP referral program is a new feature that allows you to reward your ambassador members when they refer a friend to come along and get active with them

By offering their unique code to friends (potential future customers for you) your members will receive a credit to their account and the new customer a discount on their first purchase, all in an automated way! Moreover, you'll be able to define the parameters of the rewards to suit your needs.

This New Feature will allow you to:

Generate new revenue and increase your visibility

Your members are your best allies. Rewarding them for promoting health and getting people to know your center is a powerful marketing tool. It's a great way to get new ideal customers at a low cost since your members will only be rewarded if a purchase has been generated.

Quantifiable results

You will have access to all data related to your referral program in your reports. This is a detailed overview that captures the sales generated by the referral program, the return on investment, your best ambassadors and more.

To summarize:

  • Your member accumulates credits that will be applied to their next payment or purchase (membership and/or service)*

  • Your new client will obtain a rebate upon their first purchase*

  • You will bring in new members at a low cost to you.

Everyone wins !

Answers to questions you may have:

Is the new member discount applicable on any purchase?

The new customer's discount only applies on the first purchase, if they purchase a membership with a recurring payment plan, the discount will only apply on the first payment.

If a customer was already a member 2 years ago, can they benefit from the discount thanks to the referral program?

Yes but only through the owner. The discount only applies if the client has never purchased a membership/service at your centre. On the other hand, as an owner you have the possibility of rewarding your member for having encouraged a former member to register, by applying his own unique code manually during the purchase. This possibility is only offered to the owner at their discretion.

Can a customer who received a free trial get the discount?

Yes, the customer who participated in a free trial is considered a new customer.

Where can my member find their referral code?

For the customer, the code can be found on the web, under the Profile/Invite a friend tab. On the mobile application, main menu/Invite a friend. On the owner side, in the member's profile, General tab.

When will my member receive their credit when they share their referral code?

Your member will receive his credit only when the new customer's payment is in ''successful'' status.

If a new customer gets a refund for their purchase, does my member get their credit cancelled?

No, your member will keep his account credit, however it is possible to modify the credit amount manually under the General/User credit tab.


For more details on how to set up the referral program click here!