(1) Click on Settings → General and activate the program

(2) Set reward parameters:

  • Credit amount for your members: The amount that will be offered in credit to your member when the new customer has made a purchase.
  • Rebate amount for new user: The new user discount that will be applied to their first purchase using the unique referral code.
  • Minimum purchase amount to apply rebate: The minimum purchase amount the new customer will need to spend to access the discount.

(3) Choose whether the program applies to memberships and/or services. It is possible to select both.



FLiiP automatically generates a unique referral code for each member.

As the owner you can see it here:

Member → Member Management → Select Member → General → Scroll down to Referral Program. Copy code.

When a new member registers with the code provided by an existing member, the respective credits are applied automatically when the payment is in ''successful'' status!

Where is the credit? 

Member → Member management → Select member →General

The credit is then applied to the next scheduled payment if it is for a membership, or next appointment if set up for services. 

Multiple use of Referral code 

There is no limit to the number of times a member can share their code. The more the code is used, the more sales you generate.


Promotion → Referral Program

You will be able to see the Return on Investment, new members and who your top promoters are and export a full report for your records.

Functionality for your members

Where to find the referral program in the FLiiP app?

Click on Your Profile → Invite a friend→ partager by e-mail or text message


The potential member will receive this message inviting him to take advantage of a discount on his first purchase. He can apply the referencing code received during his purchase in the section: discount coupon.