How to set up professional services & appointments ?

What's the difference between a professional services and group lesson?

The main difference between the group lesson functionality  and the professional service functionality is how the member will be able to book their time slot. 

Group lessons: 

When a customer books a group lesson, the time slot is set to the desired time. Therefore, the client cannot book the session at a time that is convenient to them within a specific time frame. For example, a client wants to come for a massage therapy session at 9:30, if the time slot is created at 9:00 to 10:00, he will be limited to this one. 

Professional services:

When a customer book a private session, the FLiiP system will offer them all the availability of professionals. The member will be able to book the perfect time for him.

How does it work?

Before you can start implementing professional services, first of all, our team needs to activate you this option if it is not already included in your contract.

Then you will have to follow the following steps.

Steps for implementing professional services : 

  1. Create the list of professionals.

  2. In order to create your package (professional service), you must first set up the structure starting with the "Categories" of services.

    A category makes it possible to properly segment the different services when booking the member. For example, a member could first choose the category "Massage therapy", "Nutrition" or "Private training".

    To do this, go to the menu, section "Services" then click on "Categories".

  3. You must then create the different "Resources" of your services.

    A "Resource" could for example be a space like an Office or a Room that is required to meet the need of your service.

  4. You then need to create the different "Types" of services.

    A "Type" is actually the name of the service offered. For example, a "Private Training", a "Swedish Massage", etc.

  5. Finally, you can create your package, the "Service" via the list of services.

  6. Add the availability of the professionals (coaches) then make sure they can link their professional Google calendar so that their availability as well as their appointments are synchronized.