Refund Guide (Credit Card)

To issue credits on transactions, follow these instructions:

1.) In Netbanx, click on the "Reports" tab
2.) Click on "Activity Report"
3.) In the "Search" sub-tab, enter the relevant information (merchant transaction number, merchant account number, etc.)
4.) Select the appropriate transaction
5.) The green "+" symbol is used to refund the transaction
6.) To apply the credit, click on the green "+" and enter the merchant’s transaction no. and the amount to be refunded
7.) "Submit"

You can also consult this video guide:

Refund Guide (Direct Debit)

Please refer to the following guide and follow the steps on page 11:

Instead of "Presentation", the merchant must choose the "Credit" option.

This is the standard procedure for credits/refunds. Do not hesitate to contact us again if you have  further questions, it will be a pleasure to help you!