Tips for making changes to your schedule and notifying your customers automatically or manually.

It is possible to modify a course directly from the calendar by clicking on the modification icon:

Once the course modification menu is open, make the desired changes. You can, for example, modify the number of places, the instructor, the start time etc. Then click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

If the course is configured as recurring, that is to say it is scheduled for several weeks or even "infinitely", a window will appear in order to decide if you want to apply the modification for:

  • Only this course
  • This one and the following

If you want the members registered for the course to be automatically notified following a modification, you can activate the model in the "List of models" tab:

This template can be sent by SMS and email.

If you prefer to notify your customers manually, it is best to use the "Send email to all users" button. This button is available when you click on the edit course icon:

By using this button, you will be able to compose an email and it will then be sent automatically to the list of members registered for this course.