Everything you need to know about the different entrances to your business.

With the Fliip application and in collaboration with the Passeport Technologie platform, you can link a chip detector directly to your platform. Passeport Technologie supplies the chips and chip detectors. Thus, members can proceed to their registration (check-in) by presenting their chip at the entrance of your gym.

When creating your platform, we may add or remove the electronic registration option in your application settings. You can also customize this option by activating the reservation required during class or the automatic attendance setting.

This allows you, at a glance, to see information about your members. When the member places his chip on the barcode detector, his profile appears on the screen.

I already have a barcode reader available, does it work with FLiiP?

If your reader reads a barcode between 6 and 14 digits, it is possible to use it for your entries, on the other hand, as it is not connected to the technology passport system, it will not be possible to have an entry control.

Attendance can be taken automatically when a customer reads their barcode, this setting must be enabled in the registration settings at the bottom of the page.

How to use it with FLiiP?

You must plug in your reader using a USB socket in your computer, the reader acts as a quick keyboard, if you open a blank page and read a code, the numbers will appear quickly.

In your FLiiP platform, under the recording tab, you must click in the IDENTIFIER bar, when you read the code the system will enter it in this section.

In your registration settings, you can add a personalized ID of your members.

In each of your members' profiles under the general information tab, the chip number must be entered manually under 'personalized identifiers'.