How to create your class schedule.

To create your schedule, click on the "Classes" tab:

You must follow the order below to register your class:

  1. Create your rooms: To avoid having all of your courses in the same calendar, it is possible to create different rooms to make it easier for your members to find their way around. However, it is not mandatory to create more than one room.
  2. Create your categories: The categories allow you to separate the different categories of classes that you offer. You will then be able to give access to certain categories only when creating your memberships.
    Example of categories:
    • Yoga / Crossfit / Spinning
    • Group lessons / Semi-private training / Private training
    • Open-Gym
  3. Create the classes types: The types must be linked to your categories. This is where you must enter all the names of the class you offer. This is the name that will be displayed on the calendar.
  4. Manage Sessions: If your schedule changes frequently or you offer different sessions, add a new session. All the classes that will be assigned to this session will be displayed in the calendar according to the dates entered beforehand. For more details on the sessions function, Click here!
    * This option is not mandatory *
  5. Manage classes: By clicking on the "new class" button, you can start creating your class schedule. This is the fastest way to create several recurrences since it will be possible to select several days / time slots in the same window.

For ad hoc additions or modifications, it is also possible to go through the calendar on the main page by clicking directly on the time and day when you want to add a class.

Refer to the "?" Icon if you have any questions about the different settings when creating your schedule.