In this article, we'll explain what approval is, how to turn it on or off.

All subscriptions, when implementing your new platform, are built with the setting "approval required" to "yes".

When the parameter is specified as "yes" any purchase of a subscription must be approved by an administrator or owner, before the user can use their purchased subscription.

When the parameter is indicated to "no" the member will be able to buy a subscription without it being approved and will be able to use it immediately after the purchase.

You can manage the approval of subscriptions at any time. To do this you must go directly to the contract (s). It is a parameter that can be activated and deactivated, easily and at any time.

Here's how to change or activate the "Approval Required" setting:

If you activate the "Approval required" parameter, you will have to approve your subscriptions when making a purchase. To find out if you have had a request. There are two ways to find out.

  1. The owner's email will receive an email requesting approval.
  2.  You can see the approval on the "Members" tab. When you see a number, it indicates that there are one or more approval.

Here's how to approve requests: