How to create your subscriptions

To create a subscription, go to the "Subscriptions" tab> "Subscriptions list":

What are pricing groups?

Any subscriptions that will be added to this pricing group will be deactivated automatically on the specified end date. This is useful when you want to increase your rates on a regular basis.

What is deactivate and archive?

Deactivating a contract means that this contract will no longer be available online. Members who are currently using it will not be affected but will not be able to purchase this subscription again.

When you archive a subscription, the subscription is deactivated and it is removed from your administrative list. Again, no impact on the users who are currently using it.


Example of a lesson card type subscription

10 lesson card that must be used in 3 months.

Access to all courses but it is possible to choose a specific access for a type of class.

Approval required to no since I don't want every contract to require administration approval.

Introductory offer to no since I want to offer this subscription to all members.

By adding a duration of 3 months, if the member does not use all the courses according to the established time, the subscription will be terminated.

Here is a small video which explains in more detail the other available functions.

Click here to access the videos

For more details on the creation of services click here.