How to create your memberships

To create a membership, go to the "Memberships" tab> "Membership list":

What are pricing groups?

Any memberships that will be added to this pricing group will be deactivated automatically on the specified end date. This is useful when you want to increase your rates on a regular basis.

What is deactivate and archive?

Deactivating a contract means that this contract will no longer be available online. Members who are currently using it will not be affected but will not be able to purchase this membership again.

When you archive a membership, the membership is deactivated and it is removed from your administrative list. Again, no impact on the users who are currently using it.


Example of a lesson card type membership

10 lesson card that must be used in 3 months.

Access to all courses but it is possible to choose a specific access for a type of class.

Approval required to no since I don't want every contract to require administration approval.

Introductory offer to no since I want to offer this membership to all members.

By adding a duration of 3 months, if the member does not use all the courses according to the established time, the membership will be terminated.

Example of a "Recurring" type membership

This type of membership should be used in case the membership will be paid in several payments. In the "Billing frequency" field, you will indicate the frequency at which customers will be billed, and then the number of billing cycles. The duration of the membership will therefore be calculated automatically according to the number of cycles and their frequency.

For instance :

3 month membership, billed once a month

Billing frequency = 1 month

Number of billing cycles = 3

With the "Add another billing plan" button, you can offer the customer the choice of a different payment frequency. At the time of purchase, the member must then select the desired payment frequency.

For instance :

A 12-month membership payable in 3 installments, 6 installments or 12 installments.

For this type of membership, it is also important to define the course recording limits. You have several options at your disposal:

- Unlimited / Limited

- X number of lessons per month

- X number of lessons per cycle of X days

- X number of lessons for the total duration of the membership

- Limitation on the level of class hours (for example: Early bird membership which would give access to classes from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. only)


The possibilities are limitless ! If you have a specific case, contact a member of our team who can advise you on how to set your limitation.

Example of an "Auto-renewal" type membership

This type of membership will automatically renew each period, unless there is a planned shutdown by an administrator.

These memberships will renew automatically according to the billing frequency that you establish. To stop these memberships you must do it manually in the profile of the member in question. For example, for a lifetime memberships, this type would be a good option for you.

For example: If the payment cycle is set to 1 month, a new payment will occur every month for an indefinite period.

Here is a small video which explains in more detail the other available functions.

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