All the information you need to know about the recording function.

We have developed a "check-in" feature that allows you to use an electronic barcode or barcode chips so that your members can "scan" their arrival at your center.

Your customers will have a unique barcode generated automatically for each new member created. You will therefore be able to control the access of your members to your center via an optical reader or via any other access control.

Via the "recording" interface, you will therefore have access to the history of each of the recordings and visits to your center. (Always available from anywhere and anytime)

The entrance scan allows you to:

  • Check active & completed memberships, so if a membership is not valid, an alert will be displayed.
  • Receive an alert when a membership is about to expire (allows you to schedule a renewal in advance)
  • Validate that no payment is due to you from customers.
  • To speed up attendance in class, because the system automatically marks the customer's presence.
  • Control free or "Open gym" type access more easily.

You can also use the "recording" function without using a "scanner". You can go and find the member's unique identifier and the entry manually in the record to identify this attendance and to deduce a course/session from his membership.

How to use the recording function without a scanner:

To activate the unique identifier, you can consult the article "How to activate the personalized ID".

If you would like to block access to your members with a turnstile, please contact us at:

We will be able to put you in contact with our partner "Passeport Technologies" to obtain access blocking devices. Their system will therefore be connected to your platform so that information is transmitted from the platform to the turnstile so that access is blocked.