Here is the procedure to follow to apply a subscription sharing with several of your members.

You want to share a subscription with several users such as a family, a company, etc.

Subscription sharing is a function reserved for higher plans. If you wish to add this functionality, you can contact FLiiP support to update your plan.

  1. Go to member management
  2. Select the member with a subscription that you want to share with a second user.
  3. In the Subscription section, select the subscription to share, and then click the Share Subscription button.
  4. Enter the member (s) you authorize to share the subscription.

You will then see a mention "Subscription shared with" in the profile of each member:

The member with the initial subscription to his profile will be responsible for payments and invoicing associated with the subscription.

This member will be responsible for the subscription payment so you need to add the payment method only to this responsible person. For other members, add the cash method.

The visits will therefore be counted on the same subscription regardless of which profile makes a visit.

Hack for ambitious owner:

By default, do not allow subscription sharing. Use this option to generate more income. You can easily charge a course card, 15 to 25% more by offering the possibility of sharing it between 2 users.