Everything you need to know about managing your insurance receipts

How does it work?

Insurance receipts are automatically emailed to the client when attendance is set to 'yes' for the appointment.

The amount will be calculated according to the progress of the package for example if the package offers 5 lessons at $ 100 after each session the system will send a receipt of $ 20 to the client.

On this receipt, the title of the professional, as well as the license number, will be indicated. Note that you must have previously added this information to the employee's profile via your staff list.

How to manage receipts?

  1. Go to the Staff List section to add the profile of your professional.
  2. Enter the license number and the title of his profession

  3. In the Service List section of the general menu, when you create your service, do not forget to activate the "Insurance receipt" field which must be yes.

    By default, they are all at No

  4. In the general menu under the "Template" tab, you must activate the insurance receipt email template on the 3rd page.

  5. During the appointment, once the customer's presence has been confirmed to "Yes", the receipt will be automatically emailed to the customer. Note that if attendance is not confirmed, the receipt will not be sent.