It is possible to synchronize the calendar of your appointments or your class schedule to your Google calendar.

How to synchronize the calendar?

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Preferences> Synchronize calendar

Group lesson schedule

Any courses you entered as an instructor on the FLiiP calendar will be added as a task to your personal Google Calendar.

All changes must be applied on the FLiiP platform, in this way the change will be made automatically to Google.

N. B. Course recordings must always be managed in the FLiiP platform.

Appointment booking and service

Synchronization will simplify the management of your availability through FLiiP.

In your Google calendar, you have access to a new calendar called FLiiP Availabilities, for your availability only.

All the appointments or events that you add to your personal calendar will automatically adjust to your availability and will make these time slots unavailable.

You can add all your availability via the Google FLiiP Availabilities calendar or in the FLiiP availability tab. In both cases, they will be added automatically in one or the other.

This makes it easier and simpler to make changes to your schedule.

N.B. If no availability is entered in the FLiiP or Google calendar, the latter will remain empty and schedule changes or additions to appointments will not be automatically added to your FLiiP availability.

It is therefore important to enter availability in your Google calendar to avoid the confusion of making an appointment in an unavailable time.

All cancellations should be handled directly in FLiiP, if you delete a course from Google Calendar it will not be deleted from FLiiP.

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