Good practice for understanding the payment menu

A brief explanation of the function of payments

Payment is created in the system depending on that member's default payment method. This payment will be created automatically according to the type of contract that this customer has.

Recurring membership / Automatic renewal: The payment will be created according to the start date of the membership, if the membership starts in the future the payment will be created on this precise date.

Course card type membership: The payment will be created when the membership is allocated, whether in the future or not.

It is possible to modify the type of membership in the general menu> membership list if no member is linked to it.

For more details on the different types of memberships Click here

The different payment methods

Interac transfer / Check / Cash / Terminal

These payment methods must be validated at all times at the end of the day to ensure that you have received the amount.

When a transaction of these types is created in the system, it is found in the PAYMENT LIST menu. The transaction is created pending and the status should be changed to successful when you have received the amount.

** Do not forget to validate that your filter is marked with `` according to the invoice date '' otherwise, you will not see your pending transactions. **

Credit card

Credit card transactions are handled quickly in the system. When the transaction is created, the status will be successful or in error, if the card is expired, refused, etc.

Bank direct debit

The status of direct debit transactions is only available after 5 working days following the transaction. The status will be in error if the account numbers are invalid or the customer has insufficient funds.


If you assign a membership before the member enters their payment information (credit card, direct debit), the transaction will be in ERROR. In the PAYMENT LIST, you can simply make RETRY in the Actions menu.