What is the purpose of this feature?

The purchase request was designed to simplify electronic signatures for customers, but also to facilitate expiring membership renewal requests.

Instead of directly assigning a membership to your customer with verbal consent, you can send them a purchase request for proof of electronic consent. Same as if it was an initial online purchase (terms and conditions, release of risks).

Example of application:

  • Purchase request for a new member: A member contacts you to purchase a membership by phone, you can complete their profile with them, then send them a contract request to obtain their consent electronically. 

  • Request to renew an expired contract: An active member tells you that they want to renew their contract. You send him a request for a renewal by email.

How to send this request:

You must first go to your member’s profile and then on his tab "contracts", you will be able to click on "plan new contract".

Select the contract that best suits your customer, then click on "Send a purchase request" at the bottom left.

Tips for ambitious owners: 

Make it easy to renew your memberships, get legal consent. Give your customers a reminder.