How to modify the number of sessions on a member's contract?

2 methods are possible:

It is possible to modify the number of lessons used manually in 2 ways:

  1. In his profile (Membership management), you access the "membership" tab then you will be able to modify the number of lessons only if the membership limit is defined by a quantity.

  2. You can also, for example, remove the presence of a client in a lesson so that he can find the number of initial sessions.

    For example, a client who used 10/10, but did not show up for their last class.

    You could either change their number of sessions to 9 in their profile, or remove their presence from the last class.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to add lessons to a limit reached. For example, you have a limit of 10 lessons, you cannot occasionally change this limit to 11 lessons. Conversely, you should change the number of lessons attended to 9.

    Another solution would be to add a "Drop-in" membership or a one-time 100% discount to the client in question.