Steps to Assign a Membership to an Instructor or Admin

You can assign a membership to your instructors or administrators at any time. Depending on whether your employee already has a profile in the system or not, do one of the following two methods to assign them a membership.

In the event that it is a new profile (coach / administrator);

  1.  Create a member account by assigning it the desired membership;

          2.  Once completed, go to the "General" section of their profile;

          3. Change the role to "Coach" or "Administrator".

If the individual already has a profile and you want to assign him a membership:

  1. Go to the "Staff list" tab;
  2. Find the employee in question and right click on the 3 small dots under the "Action" column, then on "Modify". Change the role to from the individual concerned to "User" temporarily and click on "Save";

       3.The employee will thus be found in the "Membership management" tab. Search for their name and click on their                      profile;

       4. In the "memberships" section, assign it the desired membership. Note that it is possible to create a STAFF membership             at $ 0 (unavailable for online sale) or simply assign it an already existing membership at 100% discount;

     5.Once the membership has been assigned, go back to the "General" section of their profile;

     6. Change the role back to "Coach" or "Administrator".