Several memberships

Modification of the attribution in the management of members

  1. In the member interface, when you have a customer with multiple active memberships on the same account, you will see a blue icon appear next to the main contract.
  2. The "future contract" section has been migrated with the "active membership" section to offer you a complete list of all your active contracts. You can assign a new membership by clicking on new contract.

    Attention * If you want to modify or replace an active membership, you must first select it and then click on "modify membership". (Point # 3)
  3. All the actions related to the change of membership have been gathered in point # 3.
  4. You can now see the progress of each of your contracts simultaneously.
  5. When you plan a change of membership, you will see an indication mentioning the contract number that the new contract will replace.

Modification of the membership confirmation interface

  1. The "pop up" to add a discount or promo code has been migrated into the same confirmation interface in order to speed up your actions.
  2. When you select the option "Start after the end of the current contract", if you have several active contracts, you will then have to select the active contract to modify in point # 3.

How to make sure that the membership is right for the course?

When the member registers for a class or when an administrator registers a member for a class, it is possible to choose which membership you want the course to be charged to.

From the administrator interface here is how to do it:

When you click on a course to add a member, you must click on the small arrow on the left to select the correct membership.

On the member side on the web version and the mobile application, a drop-down choice will appear for this customer to make his selection. If the membership does not give him access to this course, he will not be able to register.

If you ever have specific questions on the management of multiple contracts, do not hesitate to write to us at :)