Full details of the fees charged by Paysafe

Here are the details of all fees charged by Paysafe in CAD, plus taxes.

Account opening fees (One-time payment)

This is a fee charged when activating the account.

  • There is no charge for opening a Credit Cards Only account.
  • Opening a Direct Debit account incurs a fee of $ 20.

Monthly fee

Monthly fees include support, security, etc.

  • For a Credit Cards account only, the monthly fee is $ 15.
  • For a Direct Debit account, the monthly fee is $ 20.

Transaction fees

Concerns about standard cards like Mastercard or Visa (does not include American Express).

Credit card

  • The fee is 2.75% + $ 0.25 per transaction.
  • If the transaction is in error, only the $ 0.25 is charged. The% will only be retained on a successful transaction.

Bank direct debits

  • The fee is $ 0.50 per transaction.
  • A transaction in error results in a fee of $ 25 (lack of funds, incorrect banking information, etc.)

* Important: Transaction fees are not refunded if a transaction is refunded to the customer.