How to use the "training" function to add your "WOD (Work out of the day)" or to add the workouts of the week.

The training function has been designed so that you can register your "workout of the day" in your platform so that your members are able to see the "WOD" in their FLiiP account. You can also use it to record all your workouts for the week and you can choose to have it only visible on the day of the workout.

Benefit (s) / advantage (s):

  • More accessibility to see the work out of the day (WOD)
  • Is the temperature forcing you to close? Register the training so that your members can be able to do their training at home.
  • Access to the "work out" at all times.
  • Share your workout on a screen using the "Electronic Whiteboard" function. This will prevent you from writing the "WOD" every day, click to view the article.

Here are the steps to follow to use the training function:

       1. How to add a training category?

  1. Start by creating all of your different types of workout categories.
    Administrator menu / Workouts / Categories / Add a category
  2. Once you add you can now register your workouts.

       2. How to add a workout?

  1. Find the "training" function located to the right of your calendar.
  2. Click on the "+" button to add your training to that day.
  3. Define if you want your training to be "visible to customers", "only see after selecting date" and which "training category". You can also add a message of the day for your members.
  4. Click the "+" to enter your training.
  5. You will find the "training title", "details" and "specific notes". If your training consists of several stages you can leave it as a stages by clicking each time on the green "+" to define the "training title" the "details" and / or "specific notes".
  6. Once finished click on "save" and you can repeat the steps for the following days.

3- How to set a workout category as a default

Go to workout categories - right click on the action "..." on the chosen category and set as default.