We explain in detail why you must accept an email and what this email is for.

During the implementation stages, we ask you to approve an email received from Amazon SES.

Before going any further, it is important to understand why we are sending you this email.

Why do you want to use my company email?

This email asks for your permission to use your email address to send messages from our platform.

In other words, we ask your permission for FLiiP to use your email (Ex: info@nomdustudio.ca) in order to send your clients their invoices, their welcome email, their contracts, and all other communications that you. made to your members via the platform.

This avoids using an email such as "system@myfliip.com" and your customers are not interested in opening this email in question.

The other advantage is that when customers reply to you, emails are automatically routed to your email (eg gmail, outlook).

What does email approval look like?

You just have to click on the URL link and you're done.


Until you confirm this link, sending emails such as:

  • Free trial (s)
  • Forgot your password
  • Invoices
  • Contracts

Will not be sent. So impossible to reset emails.

For all questions do not hesitate to contact us.