Create, modify the time or delete a course.

First of all, you must create your classrooms according to the different services offered

1 - The rooms

Menu - Classes - List of rooms - Addition

                        This option allows you to create the room in which your class will take place, if you have just 1 class, only make 1 room with the name of this one. If you have 2 classes in the same room, create only 1 room.

2 - The categories

Menu - Course - List of categories - Addition

                         This option is important when you have several categories of courses, if you have only one course, make only 1 category with the name of this one.

3 - The type of class (Open gym, Kid, Yoga, etc.)

Menu - Course - List of types - Addition

                          This option allows you to have several types of lessons. You must have done step 1 and 2 before creating your course type.

4 - Addition of the new course

 Menu - List of courses - Addition

                           When step 1,2,3 are completed, you can add your new course with the color, time and in the room you want.

To offer courses of the advanced - intermediate - beginner type

Menu - List of levels - Add level

                          It works as follows: Members of higher levels have access to the course at lower levels, but not the other way around.

How to modify a course


On the calendar - Small pencil to the right of the course

You can completely cancel the course for the day each registered member will receive an email to notify them that the course is canceled

What does Special Event mean?

By modifying or creating a special event course, you will offer a course for free to your members who register for it.

What do Allow recurring registrations mean?

 Members who have configured this option will be able to be automatically enrolled in courses, where this option is available. Members can see this tab in their interface.

Possibility of establishing a registration limit per type of course

1. On the interface calendar, click on the small pencil to modify one of the chosen courses.

2. Next, enter the number of places available for this course. Go to update at the bottom of the page, you can do it for one lesson only or all the lessons for that hour.

Manage your courses by session

You can now create lesson sessions. This will facilitate the change of schedule (Christmas schedule, winter schedule, etc.)

Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Create your session
  2. Select the different courses you want to assign to this session
  3. Confirm the assignment to the desired session. * Please note, by assigning courses to the session, they will automatically take the effective dates of the chosen session * For example, if your fall session dates are from September 1 to December 22, all courses assigned to this session will now have these effective dates.
  4. You could thus duplicate the session and name it, for example, the Christmas session and make the date changes, as well as the schedule changes you want later, without affecting the class session.