"Lifetime" memberships

Some training centres offer "lifetime" memberships. A high sum is required the 1st year, then the contract is renewed free of charge the following years. The company must then, each year, provide you with a new contract or proceed with the renewal according to the terms and conditions provided for by regulation.

The Office warns you against this practice. If the center were to close in the near future, you might have difficulty getting your money back.

A training or weight control center cannot include an automatic renewal clause in your contract. However, he may send you a written notice offering to renew your contract. In this case, he does not have to enter into a new written contract with you. This notice must be sent to you 30 to 60 days before the end of your contract. If you agree, the center can email you the notification.

The renewal offer must include:

  • the duration of the new contract;
  • its total cost;
  • payment terms.

For your contract to be renewed, you must give your permission in writing to the training or weight control center before the end of the membership.