A training or weight control center cannot:

  • collect payment or deposit before you start receiving services. You begin to receive services, for example, when you have access to weight machines or when a workout begins;
  • collect payment in one instalment. The total amount of the invoice must be paid in at least 2 approximately equal instalments. Payments should be claimed at regular intervals, for example at the start and middle of your membership term. The merchant cannot offer you a discount for a lump sum payment.

Exceptions: a lump-sum payment

The company can request a single payment for the services offered in 2 situations:

  • the total value of the services is $ 100 or less (including taxes);
  • the services are spread over 3 consecutive days or less, regardless of their total value.


Before subscribing to a training or weight control center, read the cancellation conditions.

The Consumer Protection Act provides for the maximum penalty for canceling a contract only when you cancel it within a period of one-tenth or less of the duration of the contract.