It is forbidden for any merchant or advertiser:

  • to indicate only the amount of the periodic payments to be made for the membership to a training or weight control center without highlighting, more prominently, the total price;
  • to charge a higher price than that advertised;
  • to announce that the price is reduced when it is false;
  • to use an illustration that is not faithful to the service whose price is advertised.

Total price

The advertised price must include all the amounts you have to pay to access the services. It must always be highlighted more than the sums that compose it.

This price must include up-front costs, such as registration, file opening, and analysis fees, as well as any other related costs if you inevitably have to pay them.

A merchant announces a price that does not include all the amounts you owe? Insist on paying the advertised price, nothing more. For example, the merchant who advertises a membership for $ 30 per month, not to mention that a membership fee of $ 50 will also be charged, should bill you $ 30 per month. Membership fees must be included in the advertised price.

Amounts that can be added

Some amounts may be added at the time of payment. They are those which, by law or regulation, must be collected to be handed over to a public authority. These are for example:

  • the Quebec sales tax (QST);
  • the goods and services tax (GST).