With the Fliip application and in collaboration with the Passeport Technologie platform, you can link a chip detector directly to your platform. Passeport Technologie supplies the chips and chip detectors. Thus, members can proceed to their registration (check-in) by presenting their chip at the entrance of your gym.

When creating your platform, we may add or remove the electronic registration option in your application settings. You can also customize this option by activating the reservation required during class or the automatic attendance setting. This allows you, at a glance, to see information about your members. When the member places his chip on the barcode detector, his profile appears on the screen.

How to use it?

Here's a quick guide to the features.

  1. Click on the Check-in tab at the top of the page on the right.

  2. You will be taken to the recordings page. You have access to several information such as the history of recordings and visits, the status of the member as well as the status of his membership.
  3. Since each member presents their chip at the registration station, it will be easy for you to quickly see if any payment or membership is in order according to a colour system (red, yellow, green).
  4. You can also have access to the member's visit history. By selecting the filters located above this history, you can quickly classify the history information.
  5. Depending on your chosen settings, check-in can only be done when a course reservation is required. You can also choose the option of automatic attendance at class and the maximum recording time before class.