The option is available in the menu on the left - membership - membership list - edit - there is an Approval field

  • Each time a membership purchase is made online, it must be approved by the administrator/owner. An icon will appear on the member management tab in the form of a number.
  • An email is sent to the owner informing them of the approval request
  • The payment will be created at the time of the start date for recurring membership, as long as for the course cards the payment will be created at the time of approval


  • To modify a number of sessions for a member who has a course card, go to Member management> Find the member> Click on his name> membership tab> Change the number in the course used and the number is saved automatically by clicking on the empty.


  • Member management> Find your member> membership tab> Select membership

Your members can have several memberships at the same time, so it is possible to simply add a second membership to their profile

By clicking on one of the memberships added to his profile, some options will appear at the top such as suspend, terminate, or modify

Modifying a membership will replace the current one, the system will apply for a credit automatically according to the use of the old membership. Otherwise, the system will charge the difference of this new membership.


  • Menu> Payment list

In this menu, you will see the complete history of your transactions in the system. By default, if no payment method is entered in the member's profile, the payment will be created in cash. You can change the payment method simply by clicking on the blue icon. It is normal for the status to go into error if you switch from cash to card. In the action column (...) click on retry to retry the payment.

Payments that are in cash will remain on hold until the owner changes the payment method or receives the money in person and manually sets the status to success.

According to the deactivation parameter of the account found in the general parameters, following a payment default the member will not be able to register during the course.


  • When you are logged in as instructors, administrators or owners, you are able to take attendance for any course.

Via the web version or the application, click on a current or past course to have access to the attendance record.