Here we explain to you why we made videos and the importance of following the training

Why have we created training videos?

Simply to make your life easier. We know how difficult it can be for you to free yourself up precious time during office hours, which is why we created videos.

Greater flexibility for you, you listen to them when you want and from where you want.

Number of videos: 7 required

Total training: +/- 30-35 minutes


The links for the videos in French:

Reading list: click here.

  • Login page
  • Explanation and management of the calendar
  • Explanation and management of memberships
  • Explanation and management of members
  • List of payments
  • Make a payment and manage the point of sale
  • Explanation of free trials
  • Explanation of parameters

(Optional) Reading list for the creation of the online store: click here.

  • General presentation
  • Initial setting
  • Product addition and inventory management
  • Promotion management

The links for the videos in English:

Here is the playlist link for the videos in English: Click here