We demystify the consumer protection office and explain what types of businesses are considered health studios.

What is the OPC:

The Office de la protection du consommateur is an organization of the Government of Quebec that was set up to protect the interests of consumers (customers), in particular with traders (owners) so that they make sure to respect their obligations. (Service or other contracts)

More specifically in the field of training centers, the OPC laws apply to all "health studios".

What is a health studio according to the OPC?

The definition of a health studio according to the OPC refers to "any center whose purpose is to help clients improve their physical condition by:

  • offering physical exercise
  • controlling their weight
  • offering Treatment
  • offering a diet "

More concretely, if the goal or mission of your center is not to improve physical condition and the result is a better physical condition, you would not be considered a health studio.

Here are some concrete examples:

Yoga studio:

Develop focus, flexibility, energy, achieve mental calm, reach another spiritual level. The achievement of a technique is put forward. This is why the law on health studios does not apply to yoga studios. However, they remain subject to certain laws.

Martial arts studio:

The mission of martial arts studios: Develop self-defense techniques, develop concentration, mind control, etc. You will understand that teaching the technique is above all their mission, and that weight loss can be the result of regular practice. This is why the law on health studios does not apply to martial arts centers.

* Be careful to always be careful, if you play on the line and you promote your services and a weight loss result for example, you could be considered, in the eyes of the OPC, as a health studio.

Dance studio:

Again, in this example, the primary purpose of dance studios is to teach dance technique, coordination, rhythm, and their mission is not fitness, but maybe a result of intensive practice. This is why the law on health studios does not apply to dance studios.

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