There are several preset emails that you can edit as you wish.

Through your FLiiP platform, you have email templates that are automatically sent to your members. We have created these models but there is the possibility of modifying them.

Advantage / Benefits:

  • Connect with your members
  • You take the load off the shoulders

Where can we find the email templates?

  1. Go to the administrator menu
  2. Select models / model list
  3.  To modify the e-mail, select the desired e-mail and click on modify. You can then edit the text located in "SMS message" and/or "Message".

* Take note not to remove the "tags", as this is useful so that the necessary information of the member is put in the email. *

Future :

As you have probably noticed, at this time we cannot enable or disable automated emails. This is a feature that is currently under development and with the new feature, we will be adding new email templates!