Full details on sales reports.

It is possible to export a sales report in the "List of payments" tab. You can use the filters present in FLiiP before proceeding with the export according to the data you wish to consult. By clicking on "export report" an excel file will be downloaded.

To find the list of your sales:

There are 6 filters at the top of the payment list.

  1. Gear filter
    a. By invoice date = The date the invoice was issued
    b. By date of payment received = The date the payment was received
  2. Period - To select a specific period.
  3. Employee
  4. Type of transaction (manual payment, recurring payment, membership modification, etc.)
  5. Transaction status (success, error, pending, etc.)
  6. Payment method (Card, direct debit, cash, etc.)

Once the filters have been selected, click on the "Export report" button located at the top right of the page. Note that you can also export the report as is, and then filter it as you wish directly in Excel.

It is also possible to navigate between active and future payments with the button available at the top right.

Active payments = Payments that are in process, in error, or successful

Future payments = All payments planned for the future.