Here are the steps to follow to make a sale by the point of sale Debit on your platform.

First of all, you should know that your physical terminal is not directly connected to your FLiiP platform. Then there is an action to be confirmed on your end in the payment list.

By adding a new member, you can select the payment method 'point of sale Debit '. This will have the effect, in the same way as in cash, of creating the pending transaction and you will have to change the status to 'successful' when the transaction is made on your terminal. So, for a member who has a recurring membership, transactions will be created as and when there is a payment due.

In case you are making a one-time sale through your terminal and want to add that sale to FLiiP. Go to the Payment> Make a payment menu and make a manual payment by checking the 'one-time sale' box where you will enter the terminal and successful payment method in the same tab.