Steps to follow to find the deposits that are made in your account.

First of all, you need to log into your Paysafe account. If you have difficulty accessing it, you can call customer service directly at 1-888-709-8753.

  1. In your FLiiP platform, go to the payment menu> Payment list;
  2. Click on the gear tab, which will allow you to filter your list according to the date of payment received;
  3. Choose the period;
  4. Filter your list a second time to find the amounts by type "Credit card" and / or "Bank debit";
  5. Export the report in Excel format, using the button located at the top right of the section;
  6. Log into your Paysafe account;
  7. In the Credit Card Report tab, select a specific period *.

* Please note that deposits are made two to three working days following a transaction, so you must take this into account when selecting the period on Paysafe.