What to do when a status is in error

On the email linked to the platform, for example, info@ ... admin@ ... you receive the status of all your transactions for the day on a daily basis. Sometimes a few transactions are in error and here is how to understand these errors.

Credit card

The error status on a credit card means that the transaction was indeed processed at Paysafe but it could not be completed due to several reasons.

When you make a transaction and there is an error you will see just next to this error a code (3009, 3010, etc.) these are the reasons why the card was refused.

There are some common situations, an expired credit card, bank refusal, wrong information, etc.

Click here to see the full list of error codes.

At any time you can retry a transaction when your member has applied the necessary change.

- Payment list

- Find the transaction

- Action column on the right

- Retry

Bank Direct Debit

The status in error on a direct debit means that the transaction was processed but there was a refusal for lack of funds, incorrect information, or a refusal from the bank.

To find these errors you must connect to your Paysafe account> Find the report of the day> See the RETURNED menu, you will see the reason for the refusal.

In FLiiP you can retry the transaction but make sure the member has applied the necessary change because for each return, you are charged a $ 20 fee.