All details about the options displayed in the subscription list

In the administrator menu> subscription> list of subscriptions

From this menu, you will see several options available for your subscriptions, here are the impacts of each:

Activate / Deactivate

If you deactivate a subscription, it will no longer be available for purchase to any member. Members who use this subscription will be able to terminate it without affecting payments.

It's a quick way to simply remove subscriptions available online.


If you archive a subscription, it will no longer be available for purchase for any member and will still be effective for members who use it. The subscription in question will no longer appear in your list of choices when you assign a subscription to a member.

This is one way to reduce your subscription list on the admin side.

To copy

This option allows you to copy one or more subscriptions which will be deactivated by default to avoid duplicates.

Use this option when you want to make a rate change instead of recreating every one of your subscriptions.

Assign to a group

You can create multiple subscription groups and assign specific subscriptions to these groups.

When the end date for this group has arrived, the subscriptions will disappear from the list available online. This option is possible when you change the rate, create two consecutive groups with your different subscriptions assigned to them.