What does calendar sync allow you to do?

First of all, here is the procedure to follow to synchronize your Google calendar.

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The synchronization will create a new calendar in Google called FLiiP Availabilities. In this calendar your availability will be managed, it is, therefore, important to add them directly in this calendar or in FLiiP under the availability tab, if there is no availability entered, you will be unavailable in the FLiiP platform.

Your main Google calendar is linked to your availability, so if you add an event to it, the FLiiP system will make you unavailable in your appointment schedule.

All appointment cancellations and member management must be done in the FLiiP platform. If you cancel your appointment via Google Calendar, in your FLiiP schedule the appointment will not be canceled.

The Google calendar allows you to manage your availability more quickly and easily, it does not take into account payments, the member's name, registration, etc.