You must remove the schedule and you want to avoid doing lesson by lesson

To get started, there are two ways to remove the display from your schedule without having to do it lesson by lesson.

1. Create a session

In the lesson list section of the general menu, it is possible to create a session that can be called, for example, Standard schedule. Each of the lessons that are assigned to this session will be assigned according to the start date and the end date of this session.

In other words, if the end date of your session is December 31, 2021, from that date, all lessons related to that session will disappear from the calendar. You can change the dates at any time to extend or shorten your class schedule.

Please note, it is possible that several lessons are not assigned to any session, you must select each lesson to add them to this schedule, otherwise, each lesson without a session has a limited end date for posting.

 2. Deactivate the room display

In the Classes> List of rooms section of the general menu, it is possible to deactivate the display of the calendar to members.

However, this will simply deactivate the display so all members registered for lessons in the coming weeks will be registered. You will have to manually remove the members registered for each lesson.

Watch out for recurrences, be sure to check class registrations every week.

I suggest this option for centers with a smaller recording volume.