New add-on: online video platform now available

The online video platform is now available! With this new feature, you will be able to:

  • Create a bank of videos categorized at your convenience ?
  • Control access to your videos: free / paid, members/non-members, via memberships or direct purchase ?
  • Generate new income ?

First, to activate the online video platform, contact us at

Once the extension is activated, here's how to build your online video platform!

You will find the videos tab directly in your menu and it will be accessible to your members.

The first step is to add your course categories, in the left menu.

The categories will allow you to better classify your videos. By creating a category, all the videos associated with this category will be found in the same tab.

Once the categories have been created, go to the “online lessons” tab.

This section groups together all of your online course videos. The first step is to add a new course and all the important information: images, description, price, etc.

It is important to properly define access to your course by selecting the appropriate course type. You have 3 choices:

  • Available for purchase - Available via membership * OR direct purchase **
  • Member Access Only - Available through membership *, but not available for direct purchase **.
  • Free - Free for all members with a membership.

* To give access to courses via a membership, you must modify your memberships. In the membership list and selecting the desired membership, add access to online videos, and choose which courses/videos you give access to.

You can even add limit access in the same way as other types of courses.

For example :

  • Maximum 1 online video per week
  • In the case of a course card: Count as a class (1 online course = 1 course deducted from the card)

** Direct Purchase: If you make the course available for direct purchase, it will create a product, much like your store.

Once the course has been created, add your videos! You must first create a Youtube account and upload your videos, making sure to publish them in "unlisted" mode. You will only have to add the link directly.

With the action button (...), you can then edit your online videos, activate or deactivate a video so that it is no longer available online, without deleting it.

In this same place, it is also possible to consult the number of views and sales for each of the videos.

Access time to your videos

An important parameter to consider when setting up your video platform is the access time to your videos. You can change it using the setting: Accessible for X hours/days after the first video playback.

This parameter is available in 2 places:

1- For your group of videos

2- For each of the videos individually

By leaving this parameter to "0" in these 2 places, the customer will have access to the videos indefinitely. If you want to limit access, it is possible to do so. You could, for example, give access to the video for 24 hours after the first listening. At this time, you must change the setting in each of the videos.

Note: If you put this parameter in the video group as well, the client will only have 24 hours to view all of the course videos. You could, for example, give a limit of 3 months to view all the videos, but 24 hours after the first time you listen to each of the videos. This is why this parameter is found in both places.

Show users

It is also possible to see which member has listened to the videos by clicking on "Show users":

You will have the details of the time, viewing time, membership, etc. This will facilitate your follow-ups with your members!