All the details about gift cards in the FLiiP store.

It is now possible to sell electronic gift cards directly in your FLiiP platform! The gift card is available through your online store, both for members and non-members. The feature is only available on the web version at the moment, the mobile version will follow shortly.

 We offer 3 types of gift cards, at the customer's choice depending on the occasion:

  • Regular gift card
  • Birthday
  • Xmas

The amount and the message that will be sent are 100% customizable. The gift card will then be sent by email, within minutes of purchase or on the delivery date selected by the customer.

In the email, the logo of your gym/studio will be integrated as well as a direct link to connect to your platform. A unique use code will also be generated. Here is an example:

Once the gift card has been received, the customer will be able to log into your platform and use the unique code when making their purchase.

 On your side, you can track your gift card sales in the Promotions> Gift Card tab.

Here you will find the history of purchases made as well as several relevant information such as:

  • The unique code
  • The amount of the gift card
  • Payment status
  • Buyer's name
  • The date of purchase
  • Recipient's email
  • Payment status
  • The date of dispatch
  • The end date

The action button (...) also allows you to resend a gift card if it is not returned to its destination.

 It is also possible to define a specific period of validity for a type of gift card. This can be changed in the
promotions -> Gift card settings section.

Before setting an end date, find out about the laws applicable in your province relating to the validity of gift cards.