All the steps to assign a payment method and a free trial subscription.

There are 2 ways to assign a subscription to a free trial:

A) Either the member connects to his profile with his email address and password. He will have to choose a payment method and his subscription then:

B) Either we transfer the member of the free trial list to the member list in order to assign a subscription thereafter.

  1. Click on members
  2. Click on Free Trials
  3. Find and select the member in question
  4. Click on its status "Free trial"
  5. Change the status "Free trial" to "Member"
  6. Confirm your change so that the member is transferred to the member list.

This takes you to their profile.

  1. You must access their payment profile in order to add a payment method.
  2. You can add the payment method of your choice.
  3. You must access the "subscriptions" tab.
  4. You can then click on "new contract" to assign it the desired subscription.

You can thus complete his subscription.