You will find details on the different pricing for optional extensions available in FLiiP.

Extension "Management of professional services"

This feature makes it easier to manage your services such as Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Massage therapy, etc. With "appointment" type time slots, your members can choose the service, professional, date, and time of the desired appointment themselves. Syncing to your Google Calendar makes it even easier! 

In other words, this function allows your professionals to modify their availability, every week, from their Google calendar without having to connect to FLiiP.

5 professionals
Additional professional
$ 49.99 / month
$ 9.99 / month each

"Online video platform" extension

This new functionality allows you to create a bank of videos categorized at your convenience and to control access according to specific subscriptions. This extension will allow you to develop high-quality videos and sell them to anyone on the web. 

The main objective of the extension is to allow you to generate new income and keep your subscriptions through an online video session service.

3 lessons maximum (10 videos maximum per lesson)
Unlimited lessons and videos
$ 59.99 / month
$ 99.99 / month