A new tool to simplify the organization of your events and workshops.

Thanks to the new Events feature, you are now able to coordinate the organization, promotion, and marketing of events within your FLiiP platform, with just a few clicks! Yoga Retreat? Competition? Nutrition workshop? Everything is possible!

This new function will allow you to:

  1. Generate new income
    Whether it is with your current customers or new customers, organizing events will allow you to create excitement and visibility for your center and thus generate new revenue.

  2. Build customer loyalty
    Offer your customers a selection of events and workshops that will allow them to meet with other members or to deepen their knowledge. By offering preferential rates to your members, you will be able to create a stronger relationship with them all the more!

  3. Save time ... and money!
    Organizing an event has never been easier. With FLiiP, you are able to quickly create and market your events. Your customers will also be able to register and pay for their tickets and even add guests, without any manual management on your part.

For all the details on setting up your events, see our in-depth article!