What is the parameter of Covid-19 questions during registration?

The current Covid-19 situation forces us to commit ourselves to the Covid-19 questions imposed when we enter an establishment.

The Covid-19 question setting is now available in your platform and you yourself decide whether or not to enable it for your users. You can enable the “Covid-19 Questions During Registration” setting in the Settings> Registrations tab.

When this parameter is activated for each of your members' registrations, the covid-19 questions will be asked.

  • 1. Have you traveled in the last 14 days? Yes No
  • 2. Are you having flu-like symptoms [fever, cough, fatigue, body aches, severe fatigue]? Yes No
  • 3. Have you been in contact with someone infected or awaiting a Covid-19 result? Yes No

If any of these answers is marked as yes, the system will pop up an alert message and prevent you from continuing your registration.

It looks like you have a symptom that may be related to COVID-19. The health of our citizens is paramount, so we ask you to stay in home isolation. If you have any questions, please contact management.