Some tips to facilitate the accounting of your center.

The “List of payments” menu of the FLiiP platform is accessible to all users with an Administrator or Owner profile, via the left menu. In this article, I will introduce you to some important tips to help you with your accounting reports.

It is in the “List of payments” menu that you will find all the payments that have taken place in the system. Among the filter choices available, the gear filter is very important. It is found at the top of the section, to the left of the period selection tab. You have two choices: Select the period by invoice date or Select the period by date of payment received.

In the FLiiP system, when a transaction is created (recurring, manual payment, etc.), the date shown is the customer's invoice date. However, that does not mean that the payment for this transaction was completed successfully. The transaction may be in error, so this payment is not part of your received deposit because it was not processed.

It's the same principle for all your payments with the pending status. The system does not consider the payment to be completed until its status is changed to successful.

This is why this filter is important for tracking your deposits. When viewing the report by payment date received, the date displayed will be the actual date and not the date the invoice was issued.

It is easier to work with Excel to apply filters and output all the payment methods you need. It is possible to export the report in Excel format, directly in this section.

Once the report has been exported in Excel format, it will be possible to properly categorize your transactions (Shop, Recurring payment, Refund, etc.) by sorting according to the TRANSACTION TYPE and PRODUCT NAME columns.