To begin with, each week a report from Paysafe is sent to you explaining and detailing each of the deposits and transactions made. If you have never received this report, please contact Paysafe directly so they can guide you.

Support Line (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST): 1-888-709-8753

Each transaction made by credit card or direct debit is linked to a batch number (batch) at Paysafe. This lot number is added to your Paysafe weekly transaction reports.

This number will soon be available directly in FLiiP in order to simplify the search.


Paysafe consolidates all of the day's credit card transactions into a batch number and then deposits that batch 2-3 business days later. All transactions made during the weekend or on a public holiday are grouped together in a single deposit.

In the FLiiP Payment List tab, make sure that the filter select the period according to the payment date received is entered.

** Be careful if it is in blue it is already chosen. **

With this filter all successful Credit Card payments have been processed by Paysafe so depending on the day you will be able to validate your deposits.