All the information you need to know about the extension of the service platform

To get started, here is a brief explanation about this extension and how it can make it easier to manage appointment scheduling. If you are interested in the extension, please write to, we will contact you to offer you additional information. For pricing details, see this article:

The service functionality allows you to have an appointment scheduling calendar. Each of the coaches/professionals at your center can enter their availability in their profile. Much like memberships, services must be created according to your criteria. Several parameters will allow you to customize your services according to your company policies.

Depending on the calendar and the availability of your professionals, a member can purchase a service and make an appointment directly from the FLiiP calendar. In addition, this calendar can be synchronized with your Google calendar, so all the appointments will be added to your Google calendar automatically.

How do I create my services?

If you have access to the extension of services, here is a link that will help you better navigate the creation of your services

Click here