The impacts that this action creates with the payments

In the platform it is possible to postpone the start date of a membership, however if you go back more than one payment cycle, the system will believe that there is a payment due, for example if you postpone the date. 6 months earlier, your member will be billed 6 times.

Here's how to change a start or end date for a membership.

You must make the membership assignment before you can change the dates. Membership must start on today's date so if you don't want this member to be billed you must do the assignment with 100% off.

Remember to remove the discount as soon as the membership has been assigned.

  1. Membership management, directly in the list

  2. Change the date to blue by clicking directly on it.

    If you postpone the end date, the payments will adjust automatically and the system will cancel the payments accordingly.

    ** If you advance the end date, there will be no new payment to create.

    Remember that the start date should not be moved back more than one payment cycle **