All about the management of payments when a session is created

In the platform, it is possible to establish a membership type for a complete session. With this option, the recordings will be done automatically when purchasing this membership. The user can select the lessons to which he wishes to be recorded during this session according to a limit number that you have established.

You can create sessions for all types of memberships. Payments will be established according to the type selected:

  • For a recurring membership: Payments will be established according to the duration you enter into the billing cycle number which must not exceed the total duration of your session. For example, in a 10-week session, if you enter 1 in the billing frequency and 10 in the billing cycle number, there will be a weekly create payment for 10 weeks.

  • For an auto-renewing membership: Payments will be based on the billing frequency setting. You must select a frequency that does not exceed the duration of your session.

  • For a lesson card type membership: It is a single payment invoiced at the same time that the sale takes place.

Please note that there is no feedback in terms of payments, which means that although a member purchases a membership in the middle of your session, it will be invoiced in full.

On the administrator side, it is possible to assign a membership with a discount which will be calculated accordingly.