All the information you need to know for the creation of your session as well as the pre-established recordings

Here are the steps to follow to create your session.

  1. Create your session

    a. In the Course tab> Course list, click on the "add a new session" button

    b. Enter the session name, start date and end date.

  2. Create your session courses

    a. A little more, in the "Manage courses" section, click on the "new course" button to add the courses to the schedule.
    * Note that if the course type has not yet been created, you must first create it in the Course> Course type tab.

    b. Once the schedule has been created, select all the courses and click on the "Assign to session" button

  3. Create your "session" type membership

    a. Go to the membership tab> add a membership

    b. From this tab select the type of membership for your session.
    The type of membership will have an impact on the member's billing, for example the class card type will be a one-time payment for this session.

    c. Plan type> Session

    d. Fill in the usual fields up to Number of users per class.
    This field allows you to establish a default value or a custom value. This will have an impact on how many people will be able to purchase this membership, if for example you enter 1, it will be displayed full after the 1st purchase. As registrations are automatic, the number in this field should correspond to the number of places available in the course.

    e. Select the number of lessons per week

    f. Select the duration of the session during the week

    g. Configure session classes
    Add all the courses available for registration for your members. When the customer purchases the membership, he will have to select the course (s) to which he wishes to register.

    For example :
    i. If 1 lesson per week, he will have to make a choice
    ii. If 2 lessons per week, he will have to make two choices
    Registrations will then be automatic for the selected courses, for the duration of the session.